Q1. What is the induction lamp?

Answer: Induction lamp is the fourth generation lighting product, named as no filament, no electrodes, electrodeless gas discharge lamps. Compared with energy-saving lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium and other traditional light sources, induction lamp has its own significant advantages. Induction Lamp is high-tech products developed by using latest scientific and technological, through comprehensive research of optics, power electronics, plasma science, magnetic materials science and other fields. It is a new light source of high luminous efficiency, long life, high color rendering, representing the future of lighting technology development. Induction lamp is divided to high-frequency and low-frequency, the light-emitting principle is basically the same, however there still exists the difference.

Induction lamp is made by the high-frequency generator, couplers, and bulbs. It is inductively coupled to the lamp through the high-frequency generator of the magnetic field , then the gas inside the bulb avalanched and ionized, formed a plasma, plasma radiate ultraviolet light bulb when it excited atoms return to ground state, finally fluorescent power inside the bulb excited by ultraviolet generate visible light.

Q2. Induction lamp works by what?

Answer: As picture showed: The external magnet ring induction lamp transfers ballast output high-frequency signals to the coil that’s wound on annular magnet chip to produce a closed induced magnetic field in the interior magnet chip, and then further induct annular electric field to arouse the light tube discharging and light-glowing in the internal light tube. That is to say, according to electromagnetic coupling principle, it can form a non-elecctric polarization discharge characteristic so as to make it possible to produce induction HFED.

Based on plasma discharging via annular inductance electric field coupling, it arouses Hg atom 253.7nm spectral line radiation and then arouses fluorescent powder to produce visible light.

Q3. What is the advantages of induction lamp?

Answer: Induction lamp has such significant advantages: long life, high efficiency, high power factor, stable flux output and high reliability, high color rendering, low harmonic content, low temperature quick start, wide color temperature range, instantaneous re-start, no flicker and no glare, so users can bring the following benefits: energy efficient, reducing lamp replacement costs and significantly reduce maintenance costs and so on. Lamp become a reliable choice for energy efficient light source.

Q4.What is the main function for amalgam inside lamps?

Answer: As provided mercury atoms for the discharge tube- Amalgam, contain the elements of Hg and Bi, In, Sn, Pb, Zn, Ag, etc. Amalgam of different proportions in different temperature ranges can provide a stable mercury vapor pressure. Compared to liquid mercury amalgam, solid amalgam in the green light has an important role. As solid amalgam is relatively less mercury than liquid mercury, mercury vapor pressure at room temperature is the solid state, so it can remove harmful mercury pollution, protect the environment; meanwhile it reduced mercury vapor pressure sensitivity on the ambient temperature, the amalgam can ensure the best mercury vapor pressure in a very wide range. But if a special temperature, must use specially formulated high temperature or low temperature amalgam amalgam.

At the same time, the amalgam help tube to maintain color temperature, chromaticity coordinates, protecting color rendering index, eliminating the optical parameters of "deterioration", reducing the aging properties of rare earth phosphors.

Q5. What are the core features?

Answer: The main magnetic core role is to increase the inductance and the coupling of electromagnetic energy into the discharge tube, whose main feature is the ferrite magnetic can guarantee good conversion features in KHz frequency. High-quality core have hysteresis loop with a narrow, iron loss power is small, and at high temperatures to ensure the normal operation and low power consumption characteristics.

Q6.What is dimming mechnism for dimming ballast?

Answer: At present the widely used dimming methods is FM dimming dimming method, voltage regulator dimming method and pulse method. FM dimming is the most widely used method, another pulse method have a lot application.

Q7. What is production process for the tube of induction lamps?

Answer:The work flow of finished lamp: Ming tube detection (detection of pores and defects) → tube cleaning (removal of impurities and drying) → fluorescent powder mixing (up to a certain weight and viscosity) → powder coating (fluorescent powder coating uniformly inside the tube) → baking tube (to remove moisture and air bubbles) → Wiping Powder (wipe the powder at the interface) → lamp docking (uniform combination) → annealing (stress relief) → Exhaust (including exhaust, inflatable and filled amalgam) → → seasoned wound and fixed magnetic ring (through simulation to eliminate defective products) → packaging.

Q8. What issues should be paid to for powder coated tube technology, three-color phosphor modulation?

Answer: modulation effects of three-color phosphor play a key role to color temperature, light effects, under normal circumstances, the first mixing by using special mixer; for mixing, unused powder, stir again by using the powder rolling . Stir the powder uniformly, the proportion controlling in the 1.48 ~ 1.52 (g / ml), viscosity at 35 ~ 42 (s/100ml) range; the same time, to 20-30 ℃ ambient temperature preservation, the temperature is too low or too high will result in failure of the powder.

Q9. After powder coating, grilled control process to enter, will control the process of baking temperature and speed of how to control?

Answer:grilled tube temperature and speed control is very important, in order to allow water to evaporate, phosphor bonding firm, at the same time to prevent overheating due to failure of the phosphor.

Reasonable temperature control are: a 595-degree area; II 580 degrees; Third District 540 degrees; four districts: 520 degrees, the temperature controlled within 5%. Reasonable speed 380r/min.

Q10.In the annealing process, how to control the annealing temperature and speed?

Answer:After docking tube, in order to eliminate the cold blast and other stress, the need for annealing, temperature control is: an area 480 degrees; II 500 degrees.

Q11. Which elements should be tested for finished tubes?

Answer: testing the tube of the finished product, in addition to sophisticated process, the main include three elements: power, inductance, and pressure testing.

(1) Power test: The power of each lamp is 105% (± 5%)of the rated power is qualified.

(2) Inductance test: For ring / rectangular tube, a reasonable amount of inductance: 40W ≥ 0.70mH, 80W-150W: ≥ 0.64mH, 200W ≥ 0.75Mh, 300W ≥ 0.98mH; for the U-tube, was 15-23W ≥ 0.42Mh 40W ≥ 0.54Mh.

(3) Tube Voltage: Test voltage 1500V, not less than 3 seconds, the leakage current: ≤ 5mA.

Ballast pressure test: a test voltage of 1500V, not less than 3 seconds, the leakage current: ≤ 5mA.

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