Street light
  • Product name:Street light
  • Product model:CHZ-RD04A/B
  • Category:Street Light
  • Power bracket:40W~200W
  • Weight:6.1KG
  • Product size:L935*W400*H245MM
  • Package size:L994*W429*H304MM
  • Related materials:.High strength aluminum die-casting
Suitable occasion:
Urban roads, highways, commercial streets, parking lots and other outdoor lighting, suitable mounting height 8-12m.

Product name:Street light
Model No. Lamp Operatinge temp Installation IP degree Product Size/mm Packing Size/mm N.W/kg
RD04A JF-40W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 770X380X230 830x410x290 5.9
JF-50W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 770X380X230 830x410x290 5.9
JF-80W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 770X380X230 830x410x290 5.9
JF-100W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 770X380X230 830x410x290 5.9
RD04B JF-120W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 935X400X245 994X429X304 6.1
JF-150W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 935X400X245 994X429X304 6.1
JF-200W -25~+50℃ Φ76 IP65 935X400X245 994X429X304 7.5

Product features
1.High strength aluminum die-casting as the main material, painted or powder coated metal surface treatment process.

2.High strength, high temperature arc tempered glass, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, impact resistance.

3.Forming a high-purity aluminum reflector provides optimum light distribution.

4.Install lights controller according to the requirement of clients.

5.Equipped with rectangle lamp, to be high luminous efficiency, long life, good color, soft light, light output stable.

6.Equipped with our own ballast, high power factor, non-flick, lower power loss and constant power.
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