Talent Concept:

The development of human resource is the most important resource. Effective management of human resources and utilization of enterprises to enhance their own advantages, and a necessary condition to maintain a competitive advantage;

Employees sense of responsibility determines the organization grew, so both business success and economic interests in the case, for the staff to create a comfortable platform for the development and provide good benefits and treatment;

According to the personality and qualifications continuous training, so that employees adapt to the work; and in accordance with individual ability, provide opportunities for promotion.At present, the company is growing rapidly in urgent need of qualified personnel. He often invited to Shanghai to join the more lofty ideals, often He witnessed the development of Shanghai, for a better shine tomorrow!

Job Opportunities:

(1) Office staff: 1 (limited to female)


· 20-28 years old, cheerful, good communication, good temperament;

· secondary education, professional limited; good office software operations and file management;

· has a graphic design capabilities, basic financial knowledge or preferred;

(2) Sales Engineer: 1 (limited to male)


· 20-35 years old, cheerful, good communication, hard-working practical;

· specialist education, professional limited; more than one year related work experience;

· Operating experience with lighting projects is preferred;

(3) Foreigh: 2 (no limit)


· 20-30 years old, cheerful, good communication, hard-working practical;

· English, international trade, electric light class professional, college degree or above;

· Foreign language speaking and writing is superb, strong business negotiation and marketing capabilities;

· Engaged in international trade more than 1 year experience, a basic understanding of foreign business operations related processes;

If you are interested in our positions, Please send your resume to the Company (by paper mail, e-mail may).

Address: HR Department, Floor 3, Nanxiang Hi-tech Park, No.258 JiaMei Rd, Shanghai (201802)

E-mail: pauline@chz-lighting.com

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