CHZ has always been attached great importance to product development, team building and technical inputs. In the construction of R&D team, the company has always been adhering to the pursuit of the concept of the production of energy-efficient lighting, carefully selected research and development personnel; Often CHZ R&D team has matured, the R&D team of nearly 20 people, all of whom are undergraduate degree or above level, the majority of the experience of several years research and development of optoelectronic products, well versed in the development of the industry, familiar with the product requirements, providing customers with professional lighting system solutions.

In R&D investment, the establishment of a sound R&D laboratories, research and development equipment from well-known equipment manufacturers to provide customers with quality assurance laid the foundation. The company actively introduce sophisticated technology and equipment, and greatly enhance the company’s R&D team hard and soft power. From the initial induction lamp production equipment developed with independent intellectual property to the lamp and the flourishing of LED application products, often CHZ developed the team after the time of the precipitation and widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers are increasingly the development of a world-class photoelectric lighting companies as a future development goals and mission.

Lead lamp and LED lighting applications, frontier science and technology innovation, the creation of independent brands lighting new technological achievements in the field of lighting applications, providing customers with more energy efficient, safe, green lighting products.

Shanghai Chang He Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing LED Panel light, LED bulb, Induction lamp, LED High Bay, street light, LED Down light, LED Street light, LED T8 tube, High bay Light, Factory light, Flood light, Electrodeless lamp and LED lighting industry has maintained a leading position.