2014 , red open the lighting industry , the " forbidden white" , price and other good news , such as dolphin bombshell exploding throughout the lighting industry , LED plate market enthusiasm, enjoy the fund alone love , each major fund companies have to join in , LED enterprises set growth is steadily rising, and stretches across the "thrifty wind " is also getting up strong , LED replace unstoppable tide . Such a good development of the situation , so that the major LED companies staggering, but they are really ready for mustering the strength to sprint ? Reporter visited the New Year starts with a question related to LED show.
Experienced a winter 's accumulation and practice, the spring of 2014 , companies have started to show and sell out their own " masterpiece " , but in the course of field visits , the reporter found that the major companies out of the products on display are still lacking Highlights , low-level , multi- duplication products are still everywhere , but some go small business market segments highlights some bright spots, but overall , 2014 "market leader" still followed the direction of the 2013 's , not much breakthroughs and innovations.
The Shanghai counterparts with reporters Wu rainbow lighting Society has a similar feel , Wu Hong said that at present the entire LED industry into a blind imitation of the cycle, lack of innovation , lack of user experience, what is really needed is unknown white environment ? But careful observation after the circle, or the ability to know Kim Hong Wu , collecting a few highlights importance of user experience products to share with reporters .
User Experience " highlights " a : see light but not light
Wu Hong view, attention to user experience , feel the pulse of the market demand, continues to introduce new businesses to emerge in the market. LED popularity in the face of the industry status quo frequent thumping , Wu Hong think LED home lighting into the homes of ordinary people to really must go diffuse lighting development, highlighting see the light but light design.
Under the leadership of Wu Hong , reporter insight on海德敏LED Lighting Co., Ltd. has launched a European-style modern lamp, the lamp is the core feature series hidden light, refracted light, dazzling LED lights to avoid the previous point source , reflecting the soft comfortable light and shape sets Jane, but has a high-precision internal structure , to achieve the purpose diffuse lighting.
Wu Hong told reporters , see the light but not light concept already popular in Europe and other countries , although 20 years have been proposed , but really very little practice , this series Demin European modern lighting lamps although prices in the domestic bias high , but regarded as a valid attempt to see the light but light , diffuse lighting Wu Hong believes that the future is necessarily a mainstream trend in home lighting development, therefore , to business enterprises in optical materials continue to try and focus on developing light guide plate , the diffusion plate and a reflective film.
User Experience " highlights " two : Portability
Lighting is an important way to detect general when the indexes or users to buy products manufactured before , but talk about a front surface is easily detected a few pounds heavy instrumentation, monitoring data can not be field testing the product , and neither intuitive ago lack of credibility , but that we will no longer sorrow for this problem. The field visits , Wu Hong insight with reporters a new type of compact and practical detector - SPIC-200, this product is out of distance optical newly developed new products, such as smart phones appearance size , touch screen , which is equipped with miniature spectrometer, can easily detect simple color temperature , illumination wavelength , color and other indicators parameters lighting products , is the lighting designer, lighting manufacturers to choose the best " helper" products.
According to Ji new Na distance optical Customer Center Regional Director , at present , this portable detector also belong to a national initiative, the price is relatively affordable, words speak out , the scene order , then also enjoy the benefits , and similar products in Taiwan in addition to performance better than distant photoelectric this products, the price is far ahead.
Wu Hong appreciation for this product is good, he believes distance optical truly starting from the user experience , this insight is far distant knowledge of other companies to follow suit and worth learning .
User Experience " highlights " three : intelligent dimming
A major function of light is illuminated , before we lower the requirements for lighting , as long as the light bulb produced enough large enough , companies will be able to successfully shipped to market , with the improvement of people's material may be standard, the living environment has also been higher demand , more inclined to comfort appropriate lighting , this is Miss Rainbow light has been concerned about environmental issues .
Follow the footsteps of Hong Wu , the reporter saw a writing desk lamp dimmable color , this lamp foldable , easy to carry, the more prominent is that you can auto-dimming color according to environmental requirements , lifting a light in the end the frustration and confusion.
As the saying goes laymen watch , insiders see the doorway , Wu Hong, as the lighting industry experts, by virtue of his rich experience accumulated over the years keenly aware of the industry trends and future direction, to borrow the words he used to say : " attention user experience, grasp the demands of light environment , is the key to industrial development . " hope lighting industry colleagues from the read something.

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