It has been used "tough in the front line " to describe China 's 2013 home industry , but with the " pain and happiness " to describe one of the Chinese lighting industry . According to statistics, in a difficult industry environment premise of home building materials , lighting companies are market trends to achieve a 10% -30 % performance increase .
In the new 2014 , whether the lighting industry will continue this brilliant performance ? Lighting industry will usher in what the new trends? Small series intended from the market environment, consumption upgrade , change channels , product design, service and other aspects of the concept of change to analyze trends discussed for the 2014 to ask the way to feel the pulse of the lighting industry .
Channel sink challenges and opportunities
Third Plenary Session of eighteen emphasis is the integration of urban and rural , agricultural population in the urbanization trend, consumption is also facing upgraded lighting also has a hundred thousand peasant families into a good opportunity. The central focus of the reform direction of urbanization meeting decided to develop small towns, small cities expand , limit mega-cities , lighting companies will be faced with a huge body mass rural market . With the acceleration of urban-rural integration process and improve the income of farmers , the rural market potential will become a great cake .
Intelligent lighting industry and traditional campaign
Intelligent lighting in the industry is not a new topic , as early as a few years ago , smart lighting industry has frequently appeared among the same time, smart lighting mostly stuck in the " Tall " stage, not really in the consumer 's in popularity.
Traditional lamps customization biggest advantage is that you can and meet their specific needs , depending on the different populations . The intelligent lighting in the development process is bound to need a lot of money in research funding , which is a sum of expenses will be borne by the final consumer smart lighting , resulting in the initial implementation of intelligent lighting can only take high-end consumer line, it difficult in the mid- market penetration
Suitable for aging and environmental protection in the spring
2013 , China ushered in the first peak of elderly population growth , aging population reached 202 million , an aging level reached 14.8%. Insiders said that with the acceleration of the social phenomenon of an aging population , the domestic industry is also seeking "Aging Opportunities" , in product design , will be more focused on covering the needs of the elderly.
Meanwhile, with the fog and haze in China's major provinces frequent occurrence , but also to environmental protection has become a common focus of attention of consumers . Serious environmental pollution is extensive 30 years of economic development has brought a heavy price to pay , so the future is definitely saving environmental protection industry development direction , lighting products the same way. The core of the composition as a room for individual lamps , it is clear , it is environmentally friendly for consumers of great significance . Health, environmental protection , Green Road will be the subject of future lighting industry , more and more consumers will be incorporated by reference in environmental protection among the products selected .
Standard implement eliminate lighting market chaos
Personalized completed the lighting industry from scratch, from then to now have to develop a process of formation of the concept of home life . So fast development , on the one hand , the prospects for industry professionals make personalized lamps more optimistic ; But on the other hand , rapid pace of development , so that the relevant standards and specifications personalized lighting industry failed to keep up , leading to a custom lighting industry chaos frequent .
Now, " from selling products to selling services " has been a common understanding of many lighting companies . In today's personality into the mainstream in the lighting industry among samples from the consumer to choose the style , the product wattage , distribution and other aspects of the installation , all the services and businesses linked to the merits of which service companies for lamps brand has the most direct impact. Nine are building networks interpretation of 2014, the industry's future prospects , under the influence of a lot of good policy , driven by the channel change, promoting the concept of service upgrades , the Chinese lighting industry will inevitably boarded a higher peak , with a more sound and mature attitude , the popularity of in-depth more and more Chinese families !