In recent years , LED lighting industry with the strong support of the state has been faster development opportunities. With the rapid development of e-commerce , but also opened the door for online sales of LED lighting industry .
With the current LED lighting industry has become increasingly prosperous , more companies began to look at the current e-commerce above . The rapid growth of online shopping may provide a whole new LED lighting industry sales channels. Therefore, to explore the road of LED lighting industry, e-commerce has great significance.
The past two years , many of the traditional LED lighting companies have started e-commerce and other activities , have settled their products the like Taobao, Jingdong , pat net third party B2C platforms , more companies are seeing annual double eleven o'clock these platforms for online shopping enormous stimulus. However , the road of LED 's B2C does not go smoothly , you want to convert to the B2C B2B, e-commerce development is long-term and effective way .
Development under the age of electricity providers LED lighting industry
Brand is the electricity supplier fundamental for sustainable development
With the continuous development of e-commerce , online sales channels for enterprises to enhance the brand image and value increasingly prominent, e-commerce has become one of the most important brand driving force . In brand building , electricity providers in the field is undoubtedly a big blue ocean Wang , through electricity supplier channels to establish the brand has become one of the important topics of current business development .
Current , LED electricity supplier more still in the " sellers " stage, the true sense of the brand has not yet appeared , and because the arrival of the era of LED electricity providers , online product category has been very complete, covering almost any home improvement needs of the class , so for the emerging LED enterprises by electricity suppliers to establish a brand , has become an inevitable trend in the development of LED electricity supplier .
From electricity suppliers to build the basic attributes of the electricity supplier brands starting from the breadth and depth of products , style product positioning, product quality, promotion of the network, such as a multi-faceted service , the product of the depth of excavation, from packaging design , meaning , culture, style, and pinpoint their location, to provide customers with high added value, has the connotation of products and services.
With the network to promote the increasingly diverse , LED electricity supplier brand promotion platform in addition to traditional advertising , but also innovative promotion model, developing a variety of media cooperation model should be adept at micro-letters, microblogging and other new media publicity and marketing.
Quality and service to win customers
All along, the "cheap " has always been considered the holy grail electricity supplier . However , with the continuous development of electronic commerce , " loss leader " price war not only caused to the electricity supplier cash flow pressure, so that consumers have a fatigued , consumers are no longer as cheap and discount pay, is no longer impressed by the activities and promotions . The relevant responsible person said electricity supplier , quality products and services for consumers, is the real " value for money ." Thus, in the same price , by constantly enhancing product quality and service quality , to bring customers a better shopping experience will become the future direction of the main electricity supplier .
LED electricity supplier After the outbreak of two years , is now the order has entered the Red Sea killing stage , price competition has been very intense. Part of the electricity supplier companies in order to quickly capture the market, the price war , in fact, is very desirable , one seriously disrupting the healthy development of LED electricity supplier , on the other hand to bring their own brand of serious damage .
With electricity supplier promotional normalized, the price war is no longer the electricity supplier "last straw ." Electricity supplier will also gradually develop from the "price war " to " value " change. LED companies simply for the sustainable development of electronic business platform , the brand , quality and service is the electricity supplier operations.

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